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John Oliver Searches for a Nuclear Solution

Sundays at 11 PM

'Last Week Tonight' explains why the U.S. desperately needs to build a metaphorical toilet for all its literal nuclear waste.

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Worlds Will Collide

Game of Thrones | Sundays at 9 PM

Cersei sits on the Iron Throne; Jon Snow is King in the North; Daenerys has landed in Westeros, and winter is here. Where will Season 7 take them?

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Get Hella Ready

Insecure | Sundays at 10:30 PM

Things get personal for Issa, Molly and Lawrence on the latest 'Insecure.' See what unfolds in an all-new episode.

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Expand Your Empire

Ballers | Sundays at 10 PM

Spencer and Joe bring their hustle to Las Vegas, while Ricky and Charles plot their future in football. Keep up with the ballers in an all new episode.

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The Game Starts Here

Hard Knocks | Tuesdays at 10 PM

New team, new goals, same knocks. Watch an all-new episode tomorrow night.

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On the Latest 'VICE News Tonight'

VICE News Tonight | Mondays - Thursdays at 7:30 PM

VICE News speaks with a family preparing their college freshman for UVA after the tumult in Charlottesville, and watches the solar eclipse alongside nuclear physicist Taylor Wilson.

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